Angeles City News
October 2002

Published by Margarita Station


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Club News: 

  • Bananitas: Was closed for about a month.  Reopened the first week of October with a few fresh looking dancers.  Was reportedly closed due to a immigration problem.
  • BLUE NILE:  My pick as "Club of the month" for October.  Opens early in the afternoon and when the second shift of dancers arrive at 7PM the place is packed.  On Saturday nights there are some neat costumes like GI Jane, Fire Department, and Road Guards! (Hint, click on road guards for photo).  The energy of the girls, the costumes, and the presence of Balibago Bruce makes this club my favorite right now. 
  • BLUE NILE VIP CLUB:   This new club, located above Chicken & Ribs, will open soon.  Richard says it will be open to everyone for the first 30 days.  After that it will be a members only club.  They will have 3 membership programs.  $250 Gold, $150 Platinum, and a short term tourist membership.  VIP members will receive 50% of the membership cost back in coupons for drinks, etc.  Additionally, they will receive discounts in his other clubs.  
  • CAMBODIA BAR:   I've now had time to visit this club several times and although they have a pretty good line-up, the design of the club makes it very hard to see much of it.  Despite the money spent on this club, I believe we will see some renovations before too long.
  • CAMELOT: Construction continues on the 4th floor of this complex.  Club expected to open sometime in November.
  • CLEOPATRA'S:  This club has closed again!  Rumor has it that one of the owners decided to manage the club himself and within two days the entire staff walked off the job.
  • EXOTICA:  Wow, not sure more money has been spent on renovating one small property than here.  Not too long ago this club was renovated at great expense.  They dug out the flooring and made a multi-level club that kind of reminded me of Music Box.  Unfortunately it was staffed with a less than charming/friendly/sexy staff.  They have now filled in the hole and cut the place into two clubs.  The first one, Exotica, has reopened.  I peeked in one night and wasn't impressed enough for a drink, but some guys have given it a good write-up so I'll take another look soon.
  • GECKO: This will be the new name for the Y-Bar.  Not sure what is prompting the new name because it has been under the same owner for about a year. 
  • GOOD TIMES:  Reopened as a go-go club.
  • TOP CATS (formerly - King of Diamonds):  Acquired by the owners of Confetti's.  Undergoing renovations and will open soon.  
  • LOLLIPOP:  Closed permanently (??)   Staff moved to T-Twister.
  • MISTY'S:  Reopened as Misty's Golf Club.  No major changes here, just some new paint and a little more sparkle, but same layout.  No longer open in the afternoon, opens at 6 pm.
  • MUSTANG SALLY'S:  Closed it's doors in Sept after a long struggle over identity.  Started out as a restaurant with small combo's playing live music.  Transitioned into a restaurant with dancers, then it became a go-go club with no food available.   And finally it became a place with two names with a lounge lizard singing karaoke tunes.  
  • SILK STOCKINGS:  Still Closed.  Expected to reopen with a friendly staff in November.
  • STAGGERS:  Appears to be totally closed now with rights for sale.
  • PATTAYA LAND:  Rumor has it that construction here was delayed about a week after a guy told the owner he wanted to lease the entire project as one club.  The owner was working up renovation plans but the big spender never showed back up. 
  • TUGGERS & TWISTERS:  Kokomo's now changes name at 7 PM and becomes a un-air-conditioned go-go bar.  The dancers are the girls from Lollipops & King  of Diamonds.
  • THE WHITE HOUSE: This is the chosen name for the new club that will rise where Woody's use to be.  It will be part of the Misty's group and the front will undoubtedly look like the White House.  This is currently an empty lot, so it will probably be next high season before this place is ready for customers.
  • VOLCANO BAR:  This place is packed with girls since all the girls that will be in Camelot are working here until the new club is finished.

Around Balibago:

PARK:  No action on the renovations to the park adjacent to the entertainment district.  Apparently the funds for this project were pledged by Shoe Mart contingent upon the approval of their proposal to put a SM right inside the main gate of the Clark Special Economic Zone.  Many of the local businessmen, apparently fearing competition, are trying to stop this project.

ARMED ROBBERIES:  In the last month several people have been robbed after changing money at Norma's in Santa Maria.  Although she usually has the best rate around, it might be worth loosing a few centavos and changing your money somewhere else for a while.

SWAGMAN WET T-SHIRT CONTEST - -  NO VIDEO CAMERAS ALLOWED!:  The "exclusive video rights" to the Swagman Wet T-shirt contest on 29 Oct  have been purchased by, so leave your cameras at home.  Right now it looks like the body painting on 22 Oct may also be closed to video cameras.    Personally,  I have no plans to attend this wet t-shirt contest without my cameras.  Maybe if enough people stay home this time they will return to the "cameras allowed" policy of the past.

BONANZA HOTEL:  Being renamed to THE PONDEROSA by the new management.

VIDEO CD RAIDS:  Numerous times in the last few months the little stalls selling video CD have been raided by the police and all the videos were seized.  These places are usually open the next day and until now, the prices have remained at P60 (about $1.14) for a movie.  Current VCD's on sale include Tuxedo and the new Hannibal flick.  Here are some shots of a recent raid.  Not the guy on the street getting a few freebies!   RAID

News Clippings: 

Abu Sayaf tour guides!  YGBSM

Aso Adobo?

P1000 ($19 US) Fine Proposed for Drunk Driving!