Margarita Station News
October 2003

Margarita Station News:    

Since the last newsletter when I reported a live grenade found on our premises our emphasis has been on finding out who was responsible and increasing our security.  The prime suspect, from the beginning, was a long time employee that had recently developed an attitude problem after receiving a letter of reprimand.  Security cameras placed him in the vicinity on the morning of the incident and one eye witness put him in the exact spot despite his denials of using the restroom after getting off work that morning.  The individual has been suspended from duty pending a polygraph to be administered by the NBI.

To improve our security, we have received a metal detector and will start training the guards in using it this week. By next week we will have additional internal security and a extensive security camera system with high resolution cameras will be installed in the near future (it is enroute from the USA).

Club News: 

  • AYERS ROCK: has reopened as Kangaroo Jack's.  They are serving meals and the interior is pretty much identical to the old Ayers Rock.
  • G-SPOT: has reopened as Cheetah's.  This place is set up much different than any other club in town. Once you enter the door there is nothing to remind you of the old G-Spot.  They have stayed with the African theme throughout to the point I thought I was back in Mombassa but there is no sign directing patrons to check their spears.
  • CLEOPATRA'S: is now Sphinx.  They have a live band most nights and the usual complement of dancers & GRO's.
  • LIQUIR BOX is the name for Kim's new club to replace the Byrd Cage. It is located in the old Voodoo.
  • HOLLYWOOD: Has reopened (next to Blueberry Hill)
  • LIGHTNING JACK'S: is a quiet new club operated by Harro. It is located between the Phoenix Hotel and "The Bar-e-o (Honey Ko's, Thi Hi, etc).  It is everything you would expect from a club that had for sale signs posted before it opened the doors.  
  • NERO'S: I've seen some negative comments about this club, but I found it to be as almost as good as the best of times on my visit last week. 
  • BLUE NILE EXECUTIVE CLUB: Still seems to be the place to be. It is busy every night when the rest of the clubs are slow.
  • GECKO'S: This club, formerly Y-Bar, is becoming one of my favorites again.  They have a black Santa hat that Mommy Fe makes a girl wear if she isn't active enough on the dance floor.  The girls keep moving even when the place is dead because the don't want to have to wear the hat!  I like the concept.
  • CLUB AMORE: seems to have lost some of it's opening business and has been pretty quiet the few times I have visited.  Could it be those 30 year old "models" they have prancing up & down the stage?
  • CONFETTI'S has been renovated. It still looks a lot like the old Confetti's, but they completely redid the stage area, new upholstery and a fresh coat of paint.
  • LAS VEGAS: renovations are nearing completion (see photos below).
vegas01.jpg (95345 bytes) vegas02.jpg (58905 bytes)
  • BUNNY RANCH: This club has all the staff from Las Vegas Club, so it is currently packed .

Around Balibago:

TROPICANA HOTEL: has almost finished renovations. Although the rooms are a little small, the interiors are plush.  Click on the hotel name above to make reservations.

tropicana.jpg (111777 bytes) tropicana2.jpg (31933 bytes)

Photos compliments Rick's Cafe

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tropicana8.jpg (50404 bytes) tropicana9.jpg (60512 bytes) tropicana10.jpg (74720 bytes)

SUB DELICIOUS: Is located in the old Jade Cool building in the heart of the entertainment district.  They are serving subs, pizza and lots more.  Sit curbside and watch the people go by or relax upstairs in the sports bar. They are open 24 hours-a-day.

ANOTHER NEW HOTEL ON THE STREET:  Construction is scheduled to begin in Late November on a 24 room hotel where Woody's Bar used to be. 

FRIENDSHIP BRIDGE: At long last, construction is underway on a new bridge to replace the one destroyed by mudflows from Mt. Pinatubo.

GEORGE BUSH VISITS: Word was put out that President Bush would land at Clark for his 8 hour visit to the PI last week.  A small group of (80+) protestors were bussed in from Cabanatuan, Bulacan, and Manila and they had about a 1 hour demonstration in front of the main gate and then they went back where they came from.  President Bush landed at Villamor Air Base in Manila and departed 8 hours later without incident.


Immigration/Police Problems:

RICHARD AGNEW: I saw Richard the other night in the Executive Club, but he said he was still in jail (only in the PI). He was in high spirits and said he should be completely free of all charges next week. 


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Article 2

DAVID ANDERSON: The new owner of Sphinx was picked up by Immigration. I heard he was released, but haven't been able to confirm that.

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BARRY EDWARDS:  A long term expat was arrested several months ago and recently released. The papers had reported that he was arrested for pedophile related offenses, but the charges were later changed to rape. According to Harry the Horse "he was greeted by police officers that did not have any mission orders, no search warrants and use force to enter his apartment. At one point, according to Barry, one officer put a gun to his head and informed him that if he did not give them a key to the apartment, he would kill him; the officer did not realize that the door was not even locked. There are too many details of this travesty that would take too much space for this column but after spending two months in jail, under very trying conditions, Barry is now a free man with all charges dismissed."



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Some recent news clippings from the local papers (with some comments). These have been supplied by a local expat.