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May 2002 Edition

Published by Margarita Station

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Margarita Station News:

April was a slow month for activities.  No marriages, babies, or wild parties to report.  We did, however, have two of our former waitresses visit from overseas.  First was Cindy our former waitress trainer.  She is now working in the Outback Steak house on  Guam.  Another former waitress/cashier from our early days, Precy, also visited us from Holland.

Our LINK page was updated on 19 April 2002.  At that time all the remaining links worked OK.  If you find a broken link, please report them to us.

Club News: April was the rotation month on Fields Ave.  Three new clubs opened and all three featured mostly girls recycled from other clubs in town.  Girls in Ayers Rock seemed mostly to be from G-Spot, Blue Fox, & Confetti's.  The Girls in Monte Carlo were mostly from Las Vegas, and the girls in Dirty Duck's have been sighted before in Flamingo, Treasure Island and G-Spot.  

New Hotel Rooms in the Entertainment Area:  Almost every low season sees lots of new construction.  This year is no different except it looks like we will have some new hotels rooms in the party zone.  See info below on Insomnia, Monte Carlo, & Tahitian Queen.

  • AYERS ROCK: The club opened in April to mixed reviews ~ mostly positive.  The most common comment I heard was disappointment that the kitchen hadn't opened yet.   I stopped in several days after it opened and couldn't find a seat, so I moved to a less crowded club.  With the opening of this club, the "club balance" seems to have shifted to lower Fields Ave for the first time in many years.  For a long time there were only a few clubs in that area.  Now Blue Nile & Nero's are two of the top clubs in town.  And they are surrounded by G-Spot, Misty's, Ayers Rock, Top Hat, Superstar,  & soon Valentine's will reopen after big $$ renovations. 
  • MONTE CARLO:  This club also opened during the middle of April.  Again, mixed reviews from all the "experts" that sit around town evaluating other peoples efforts.  I had a quick look on the night of the grand opening and kind of thought it was just another club.  Too soon to say how it is going to do because much of the staff that night appeared to be from Las Vegas.  This is currently a one story building, but plans are for a few more floors to be added in the near future.  This will be finished as a hotel.
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  • DIRTY DUCK'S:  This club is the former Happy Hooker/Dolphin Bar.  It opened around the middle of April.  I almost never go in clubs on the first night they open because there is very little resemblance between the clubs on their first night and the same place 2 weeks later.  None the less, I was out with some friends and we ended up here on opening night also.  They have some comfortable seats behind a one-way picture window that is a fun place to sit and watch the girls go to work.
  • GOOD TIMES:  Latest rumor is that Good Times will stay open as a "girly bar" with some renovations planned for after the renovations on Stacey's  new restaurant opens.  As of 9 May it was padlocked at night, so it is either closed or under renovations.
  • NO NAME YET: Still another club being built between King of Diamonds and The  Marine Bar.  This bar is being built by a major Expat land owner in town. Rumors here are that it will be a traditional bar with no dancers but a nice place to bring a date or sit around and socialize.   Work on this project is going on around the clock, so I would expect this place to open well before the high season.
  • INSOMNIA / AFTER DARK:  Some renovations this month on the outside to change it one entrance.  But, inside it is still set up as two separate clubs.  Word is that they have renovated the first of the hotel rooms in the back and the others will follow shortly.  
  • MARINE BAR:  Still closed!  I've heard both sides of the story and don't believe either one are worth publishing here.  It is a conflict that doesn't appear to have a quick end.  
  • SILK STOCKINGS closed in early April.  The hottest rumor said that the girls were "chased out by a ghost."    Again, as many stories as there are tourists, but one reputable source says the owners are out of funds.  Many of the girls can be found in  The Jungle or Silk Stocking.  The sign on the door said "Closed for Renovation."  However, by early May it was reopened, but the initial reports said not many of the girls returned.
  • TAHITIAN QUEEN: As I mentioned last month, this club was acquired by the Champagne Group.  It has been completely razed and it looks like the foundations for the new multi-story bar/apartment complex  will be going in within the next couple of weeks

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  • TREASURE ISLAND:  One of the most fun clubs on the strip is expanding.  The 2nd floor party room is almost finished.  This will be a big improvement, and I expect you will be able to find me warming a seat on the 2nd floor on a regular basis.

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  • GENTLEMEN'S CLUB:  Little Mermaid has been renamed as The Gentlemen's Club.  The initial reports are that it is a "good inter-active club."

CLUB OF THE MONTH:  illusion 43.jpg (11618 bytes)

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Around Balibago:

STAGGERS BAR & GRILL: Now open, but it hasn't looked too busy when I drive past.  This may be a place worth a look since Stacey is copying the stuff he likes around Angeles (he bought a copy of our menu and asked my metal worker to make a clone of our bar stools).  If he gets the best ideas around town and rejects the "mistakes" we all make, he will be off to a better start than some of the guys that come to town and just tell a Filipino guy to make them a bar.

COUNTRY SHACK:  This is a small restaurant being built by an American guy next to the old Birds of Paradise (now closed).  He plans to have "Southern Style (Soul) Food.  He is doing all the construction himself so it has been a little hard to see the daily progress.



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Fake Gold Bars

Trike Driver Bites Bullet

Man chokes chicken


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New multi-story building to the east of Margarita Station nears completion.  Located next to former DiDi's Pizza.

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New multi-story building to the west of Margarita Station nears completion.  Located in former Archie's Building.


After several years in delays the drainage system for Fields Ave is nearing completion.  Usually the street is a dirty, dusty place, but now it is even worse.  There are dirt piles, holes and cement culverts almost everywhere.

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View on Fields Ave looking from in front of Margarita Station (Checkpoint) toward the west (direction of former Maverick City).

On Clark:  On 4 April 2002 UPS inaugurated it's cargo hub at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA).   (By the way, that is the new name for Clark.   Guess someone wanted brownie points with he president and decided "Clark" was too tough for people to remember.)  We have already been experiencing some landings and take-off between midnight and 6 AM.  So much for any quiet hours, but at least they can't blame the noise on the USAF now.

New Theme Park to be built on Clark

Immigration Problems: Last month I reported that Immigration officials had been to Angeles to reportedly arrest 10 foreigners for "operating fronts for prostitution."  Follow-ups through legitimate channels resulted in the following article being published in several local papers:  BID Story

Balikitan:  The GI's are back in town.  Although the news has reported over 2000 GI's being deployed to the PI, in reality there are only a few hundred at Clark.  The ones here at Clark are all billeted on the base and they have limited "liberty" hours downtown.  They also have to travel in groups, so it is easy to find a quiet club where you can start your own fun.  

Some articles about Exercise Balikitan 2002


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