Margarita Station News
Mar 2003

Margarita Station News:  We are happy to have Tom Donnley join our staff as our relief manager. He hit the ground running and was in training just a few days after his return from the USA.  

The other major activity has been the shuffle of the security boxes blocking our parking spaces out in front of the building.  Just when one agency of the city approves the location, another wants them moved further from the street until they have reached the point where we have people trying to park between them & the street.  We are also still in negotiation with the CDC for a fenced in parking area just across the street near the jeepney parking area.

Our new menu was ready to go to the printers several weeks ago and within a few days four more local businesses asked if it was too late to advertise in the menu.  Since the advertisement offsets the high expense of these menus, I've delayed production until late next month so we can adjust the layout.  Look for these new menus to be on the table by May or early June.

On another note, I feel I should make a comment about a recent post on one of the Angeles internet bulletin boards. An individual complained that one of our managers asked him to tone things down when the guys companion climbed into his lap in the dining room and became a little to frisky for even an open air restaurant & bar on Fields Ave. His post on the bulletin board said the manager was out of line and then went on to say two of his friends had gotten food poisoning by eating here.  I was amazed at the feedback we received about this silly post.  First, although we are not exactly a fine dining establishment, we have some rules too! Please keep it clean until you get back to your room. :-)   Second, with the volume of food we sell, if we ever had a problem there would be no question that it came from our kitchen because it wouldn't be two individuals, it would be lots of people.  And imagine the coincidence that the only two individuals that supposedly got sick were friends of this guy that can't tell a restaurant booth from a hotel room.

To that end, our entire kitchen staff is trained using USA food sanitation videos.  All of our kitchen refrigeration is proper commercial refrigeration designed to maintain internal temperatures in the "safe" range despite frequent openings in the tropical heat.  All food items in our walk-in refrigerator & freezer are dated and checked several times a day by supervisors.  Our kitchen is open so that our customers can look in and see how we operate.  Look in other kitchens in town and if they have standard household refrigerators and a low volume of meals, you should think twice about how long those ingredients have been in the refrigerator.

Club News: 

  • HOT: Champagne, Roadhouse, DMZ, Blue Nile Executive Club, Misty's, Nero's, La Bamba, Dirty Duck, Blue Nile (but gosh that music is LOUD), Camelot, & Voodoo.  
  • CLOSED: G-spot, Cleopatra, Lollipop, Monte Carlo, Top Hat, Silk Stocking.
  • RENAMED:  Illusions had some problems with the authorities and the easiest fix was a name change to "Magic." Not sure if that name even got painted on the sign before it was changed to "Private Dancer."
  • COMING SOON: Club Amore in the former Golden Gate looks near completion.  The Bunny Ranch, formerly Monte Carlo, has make some major renovations inside & out. According to HTH, they will put the first 10 of 40 planned rooms onto the building before they reopen the club.  Current rumor is Top Hat will have minor renovations and open in the summer.
  • WORTH A MENTION:   Mirrors Lounge in the Clarkton has changed their format & has dancers again. Silver Bullet is one of the most popular off-Fields clubs.  Banaritas is a good little club that should be visited at least once.  Gecko's is still one of my favorites even if it isn't in the top ten. 

CLUB OF THE MONTH: :  Champagne

Champagne used to be one of my favorite clubs on the strip, but for a while it seemed to loose some of it's charm.  I stopped in for a quick drink the other night and couldn't believe the  energy & enthusiasm of the girls on the stage.  It could only be described as awesome!  It has been a long time since I've seen a group of dancers smiling and having this much fun on the stage. Unfortunately, the second shift of dancers had no where near the energy of the "A-Team."  But, the A-Team continued to dance and enjoy themselves at the foot of the stage.  

More photos of the A-TEAM

Surprise OF the month:

Last month I had heard some good things about the DMZ and stopped by for a visit and if anything it was slower than my previous visit a few months before that. But, Tick came over and explained that most of his staff were from the same area and they all gone home for a local fiesta.  This week I stopped back in and was shocked to see how many dancers he had.  I recommend that it be added to any bar hop, but put it early on the list since it opens in the afternoon. 

           ANOTHER FUN PLACE:  Jhun Longhair is now settled into Blueberry Hill (formerly Exotica) after a short stint in the Pick Up.  There are a handful of clubs in town that recognize that the majority of their customers are well past their loud music days and "techno" and "rap" is definitely not our thing.  Unfortunately, way too many clubs cater their music to the dancers or whatever the DJ decides to play.  But, when you have had too much Rap & Techno, I suggest a stop in Blueberry Hill for a couple of relaxing drinks and some good oldies sung by Jhun or his brother Alex.  Sorry for the quality of the last picture, I think my camera had one too many rum & cokes. Oh, BTW, they have a small staff of dancers, but they are friendly & cute.

blueberry001.JPG (99212 bytes) blueberry002.JPG (105831 bytes)

 Around Balibago:

The Apartelle Royal is about ready to open above the Camelot Club.  The rooms are some of the best that I've seen in town and the price is right. For a long stay I think I might get tired of all the stairs, but the Jacuzzi room is nice and the rooms with the kitchens are sure to be in demand.  For more information, see their website at: 

More pictures

Got this email from one of our subscribers and thought I'd pass it on since there was some question about the future of the Bonanza Hotel when the previous owner ran off a few months ago:

From: Danny. T
Subject: Bonanza (Ponderosa) Hotel ---- Evaluation and Feedback Report  21 Feb 2003

Margarita Station:
 I wanted to send you some feedback on my two week stay at the
Bonanza Hotel (now called the Ponderosa Hotel) during my visit to Angeles City from 20 Jan 2003 to 3 Feb 2003.  I have stayed at the Bonanza hotel for the last 3 visits to Angeles City.  Even though the old owner left the Philippines, the manager Bob has stayed on and is
now running the hotel.  The hotel is exactly the same as before, with the same employees, and with the same kind and courteous attitude towards its clientele.  I made my reservations at the hotel through your Hotel reservation service (as I have done over the last few years) and the hotel had the room I asked for ready for me upon my arrival. 
I think the Bonanza (Ponderosa) is a great place to stay and will be
doing so on my next visit to Angeles City.   The only negative thing I can say about my stay at the Bonanza (Ponderosa) is that in Jan 2002 when I stayed at the hotel I was overcharged on my hotel bill by about
1500 pesos.  I notified the hotel of this, by e-mail, once I got back to
 the U.S.A. and the manager of the hotel sent me a e-mail stating that I could either have a 1500 peso refund or have a 1500 peso credit on a room on my next stay at the hotel (in addition to a 10% discount on my bill).  I chose to accept the 1500 peso credit and 10% discount for my next visit.  The manager of Bonanza sent me a letter in the mail stating that I would get this credit on my next stay.  However,  unfortunately the hotel changed hands before my next visit and the Bonanza (Ponderosa) hotel would not honor the letter for the 1500 peso credit.  The hotel did however give me a 10% discount on my hotel bill.  A word of advice to future travelers to Angeles City is to not accept any sort of future credit because the business may not be there 12 months later.  Always take the cash reimbursement as quickly as possible. My overall view of the Bonanza (Ponderosa) hotel is that it is a good place to stay.  It is in a secluded area of town and is a peaceful and quiet place to relax and enjoy one's vacation time.

Danny T
San Diego, CA.


NEW BEER:   San Miguel Light has been so popular that Asia Beer just introduced Lone Star Light. Too early to say how popular it will be, but we have it in stock at regular local beer prices.

Here is a link to a good story about current conditions on the former Subic NAS:

FLIGHTS FROM CLARK: SEAIR & Asian Spirit both have flights from Clark.

  • Asian Spirit is advertising Round trip to Boracay for P5230.
  • SEAIR is advertising the following specials:
    • Clark to Manila...................P 500 (wow!!)
    • Clark to Puerto Galera .....P 1690
    • Clark to Boracay................P 2400
    • Clark to Busuagan............P 2800


CLEOPATRA’S is for sale for US$80,000 OBO (10 year lease)
G-SPOT is for sale for  US$95,000 OBO (also 10 year lease)
Serious buyers can get more details at

TAPS: Sadly, this month we again report the loss of a long time expat, Bob Gilbert, from heart failure in late January.  I first met Bob in about 12 or 13 years ago when I was interviewing civilian secretaries on Clark.  The personnel office sent me about 10 young Filipino cuties & Bob Gilbert.  In his interview with me he told me he was pretty old, but he never missed work.  His paperwork showed he had previously held a much higher paying position in the housing office on Guam. When I asked him about that, he said it was simple, it wasn't worth a higher pay to live on Guam when his heart was in the Philippines.  Well, much to the disappointment of my young male troops, I hired Bob and he proved to be an extremely efficient "secretary."  The troops quickly nicknamed him Mr. Bob, and true to his word, he never missed a day of work.  After the based closed, he stayed in Angeles and became very active in the Disabled Veterans Association (DAV).  RIP Mr. Bob.