Angeles News
June 2002

Margarita Station News:  The main news here this month is the arrival of a new Toyota van for airport pickups.  This van has two big adjustable captains chairs, a VCD player with two monitors, and one of the best air-conditioners I have observed.  

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Club News: 

  • WOODY's:  The right have been transferred to the same owner as Blue Nile, Nero's, Misty's, Tropicana & Cambodia Bar(?).  I took a look in the other day and it confirmed the rumor that there will be major renovations.  Rumor is another three story structure with apartments above the bar on the main floor.

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  • AYERS ROCK:  They had  their grand opening at the beginning of the month and the kitchen is now open.   
  • CAMBODIA BAR:  This is the rumored name for the old Valentine's Bar, although I think Richard will probably come up with a more creative name, time will tell.  He has spent mega dollars on this place and I'm looking forward to the opening because I like the smaller clubs.  He has some great girls in Blue Nile & Nero's but it is almost like watching them on TV because they are dancing so far from the seating.  This small club is going to feature multiple dance floors around the club.
  • CLEOPATRAS:  Closed for renovations?  What's up with that? Only been open less than a year, but I'm sure the improvements will make it even better.  Rumored to be some changes to the stage.
  • EXOTICA: Has closed.  This one doesn't surprise me one bit.  They did extensive renovations and opened about six months ago.  It was a big place and on the few visits I made it never had more than a handful of staff and most of those seemed to have a real bad attitude.  Hopefully it will reopen with new management and it will have some success.
  • BUILDING BOOM CONTINUES: Gerard's three story complex is progressing well on Real Street.  Some more construction on Santos Street where the legendary Smut Hut stood before Pinatubo (Reported to be multiple bars).  And full scale construction continues at the site of the former TQ (Tropicana in 1991).

CLUB OF THE MONTH:  There is no way to deny the popularity of Blue Nile.  Despite the late opening hour and the lack of seats near the dancers, it is always full.

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LOGO of the month:   Insomnia

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Around Our Town:

RAINY SEASON IS HERE:  After about 20 straight days of clouds & rain showers (with no relief in sight) I think we can say the rainy season showed up a little early.  Except for mud instead of dust, it isn't a bad time to visit Angeles.  The clubs are full of staff with very few customers around, so it is pretty easy to make your own party in almost any club in town.  Just be careful not to fall in one of the open holes from the drainage system being installed.

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NEXT SWAGMAN WET T-SHIRT:  Mardi Gras will runs from 20th Oct to 29th Oct 2002.
Body Painting will be on the 22nd Oct and the Wet T Shirt Contest will be on the 29th of Oct.

NEW WHEELS: A little over a year ago our friend Rick (from Rick's Cafe) noticed that one of the local residents was having trouble with his wheel chair.  He put a note on his website and quickly raised enough to give the guy a new local made chair.  Unfortunately, the life of these chairs is about a year at best.  In the last few months I observed our guards trying to put the rubber back on the wheels after his daily blowouts.  This guy never bothers anyone and he can be observed daily getting exercise by walking using his chair for balance.  So in May I finally decided I would go get him a new chair and I went out in a driving rain storm to locate a chair where some Shriners told me to look.  Rick immediately told me he would pay half.  Here is a shot of the happy recipient of a Dau black market certified "USA wheelchair."  (I don't for a minute believe it was made in the USA, but it is far superior to his old one).

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BROKEN PIPELINE: On 21 May, the Sun Star reported a rupture of the Subic Clark Pipeline.  According to the article an estimated one million liters of diesel fuel spilled out leaving fuel two feet thick in some portions of the two affected barangays.

On 22 May, the reported that the pipeline was back in operation and stated that "no serious environmental damage" had occurred.  NOTE:  Quality journalism... the headline today said     "No serious invironmental damage by gas fuel spill"  (Yes, that's how they spelled it)

I guess the locals must have hauled off all the fuel before it could sink in to the ground water. 

If the USA had been involved there would be huge law suits for injuries, damages to crops and a demand for 20 million dollars to clean up the damaged environment!

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L Tinio's Inn:  Want to stay in the heart of the entertainment district, but don't want to pay top dollar fro the luxury accommodations at the Orchid.  Then you may want to try L. Tinio Inn located behind Insomnia Night Club.  The new owners have not only cleaned up the clubs, but they have started to completely rebuild the rooms in the rear.  The first one is finished and the others will follow shortly.  If you are interested, just contact our reservations department at and she will check on availability.  I'll get a direct email address in the next newsletter.

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On Clark: 

This month the Philippine Government  approved an "Open Skies" policy for Clark Field.  Hopefully this will improve the chances of direct commercial flights into our area.


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