NAIA (MANILA) Arrival Information


When you leave the airplane you will first go through immigration. For an address in the Philippines, I recommend you just put down any hotel from our hotel page. It doesn't matter if you ever stay there, but it lets them know that you know something about the city.  There is a partial list of Angeles City hotels with current room rates on our hotel page.  We will make free reservations for you at any hotel in Angeles City, but we only recommend the ones listed on our site for various reasons.  (Some others want credit card guarantees or are not recommended because of reoccurring complaints by guests in the past).   

NOTE: At immigration they may make you show a return ticket (or a ticket to anywhere out of the country) especially if you don't have a visa. If you don't have one, they have been known to put people on the next flight out instead of letting them buy a ticket at the airport. (If you have a VISA for the PI they will probably not ask you to show a ticket).


Next stop after immigration is the baggage claim area.   Just past immigration you can get a baggage cart for free. Locate your bags and proceed to customs. You should have received a customs form on the aircraft. On your customs form, I recommend checking the "NOTHING TO DECLARE" BOX.  The no longer require you to write the serial numbers for cameras or computers.  I haven't had a problem or an inspection in years. Many bags are x-rayed before hitting the baggage carousel.  They are mainly looking for commercial quantities of items.  If they do tag you to open your bags and if you have three or four of something, you can usually claim they are "pasalubong" (travel gifts for friends)


There are now three terminals at NAIA.  All PAL flights arrive at Terminal 2.  Most other flights arrive at the old terminal -- Terminal 1.  When you book a vehicle our office will send you a confirmation message within 24 hours.  This message will contain the specific instructions for meeting your driver at the different terminals. 

Terminal 1: the driver will be waiting in the arrival extension area.  As you exit the main terminal you will see the view in this photo.  The reception area is on the ground level, so take the LEFT ramp to the arrival extension area. 

At the bottom of the LEFT ramp, look into the crowd across the street behind the fence.  The driver will be wearing a BLACK Margarita Station VEST or a Black Margarita Station t-shirt.    He will be directly across from the area labeled BAY 3 - 4 holding either a YELLOW paper sign with your name on it in BLACK felt pen or a WHITE paper sign with your name in BLUE felt pen.   [AGAIN, DO NOT look for the driver under the first letter of your last name, he will be directly across the street from the left ramp to the arrival extension.]  This Pick-up point is labeled BAY 3-4.




Terminal 2 (Philippine Airlines Passengers):  After you clear customs, exit the main building and TURN RIGHT.  You will be asked to produce you baggage claim tickets and after the bags are checked they will clear you into the open area between the street and the terminal.  There is a clear area that is about 40-50 feet across. All the people waiting for incoming passengers are behind the fence on the opposite side of the clear area -- including your driver. Look for your driver in the crowd - the driver will be wearing a BLACK Margarita Ville VEST or a Black Margarita Station t-shirt. As you approach him he will hold up either a YELLOW paper sign with your name on it in BLACK felt pen or a WHITE paper sign with your name in BLUE felt pen.  

Terminal 3: When you exit to the Arrival Hall of Terminal 3 our driver's will be waiting at the center of Arrival area. He will have a black vest or T-shirt, and they will have a dispatch slip from our office with your name, the drivers name and the total cost. They will also have a copy of your email. As you approach him he will hold up either a YELLOW paper sign with your name on it in BLACK felt pen or a WHITE paper sign with your name in BLUE felt pen.  



Rainy season is generally June to November, but can be up to a couple of months either side of that period. All the areas at the airport up to the bottom of the arrival extension are covered. Our driver will have a golf umbrella for the short walk to the vehicle if it is raining.

You can get a pretty good updated  weather forecast before you leave from:


Once you are in the vehicle, it is two to three hours to Angeles depending on traffic. There will be a cooler with beer and a few sodas in the van (if you want something else let us know via email). Have a couple of cold San Miguel's and relax. About 50 minutes from the airport you will go through the toll gates for the north expressway. There is a marginal toilet at the gates (called "C.R." for comfort room). About 15 and 25 minutes up the road are gas stations with fairly clean toilets.  The second one has a Burger King if you are hungry.   After you pass the Burger King, if you need to "go" you can just tell the driver to pull over, it is socially acceptable for men to relieve themselves in public in the Philippines!

Have a good flight!


When you're ready to make reservations go to transportation pickup form.  If you experience any problems with this form, or you do not receive a response within 36 hours, send your request direct to  or